Innocente Brewing Company

C'mon, you can admit it...

Contributions: 3D Modelling, Typography, Layout
Photograph and original concept: Cam McGill of McGill Photography

The Innocente logo and "Admit it You're Not So Innocent" tagline are the property of Innocente Brewing Company.


Quest Vitamins

Battling Decepticons Together

 Contributions: Design and Layout, Typography, Illustration 

The Quest logo and tagline are the property of SunOpta.  The Transformers images are property of Hasbro.


Event Gallery

Unique Homes Real Estate Calendar

Contributions: Conceptualization, Photographic Direction, Post-Production, Photoshop Creative, Design, and Layout 


TPH - The Printing House

Trade Show Support Package

Contributions: Conceptualization, Design, and Layout 

The TPH logo and content is the property of The Printing House.


McMaster University

Higher Education at its best

Contributions: Design, and Layout 

The McMaster logo is the property of McMaster University.  The McMaster Children's Hospital logo is the property of Hamilton Health Sciences.